Coaching & Comercio

Branding and web design


Coaching&Comercio is a company focused on coaching small and medium commerce. The spanish economical crisis of this last years has made a great damage in this area. For this reason, the client wanted to give her experience in coaching. She contacted me to create the new branding, web and work as a community manager of the brand during the first year of the project.

Coaching & Comercio


Angela gave me freedom to create the logo. The only thing that she wanted was an olive branch, which means peace and knowledge in greek mythology.


The final skecth is based in the symmetry gave by the 'C' and the 'o' of the two words. One of the first images that came to me when I was working on the sketch, was a strong man showing his biceps, giving to the target an idea of strengh and passion.


The client wanted colours that gave confidence and security. Dark-blue tones usually transmit to the target credibility, depth and strengh. On the other hand, soft-green tones gave us confidence and optimism. So I decided to use this mix of colours for the logo, giving to the client what she needed.

Pantone P 135 13 - C Pantone P 103 8 - C

After I chose the final colours, I had to make the final corrections using the grid.

Logo en cuadrĂ­cula

Finally, this was the final result.

Logo final


As I said, part of the job was to create some kind of applications, like cards, flyers or letter models.


Card front Card reverse


Flyer front Flyer reverse

Letter model

Paper model


Finally, I built the web. You can visit it clicking the link: Coaching & Comercio

Logo final Logo final